Needed – a New Home for My MG-B

While we arrived in MS and started to unpack on April 1st, the first day of my retirement, I had arranged to have my 1973 MG-B shipped separately. We were reunited two weeks later. As we are renting a house until we build soon and the house we are renting does not have a garage, I wanted to find a place to store the car. On the adjoining property next to ours is an open air shed that I received permission to use. It seemed to be working well until just the other day. When the car didn’t start even with the help of jumper cables I was bewildered as it had been running really well just the day before. When the bonnet (what we call a hood) was raised, the reason became evident why the car wouldn’t start: an animal was building a nest there. Turns out that pack rats like to move in quickly. There was nesting material everywhere; twigs, leaves, grass, etc.. Plus, it had started to chew on the wiring. As my friend said, “You are lucky as he is only getting started. A couple more days and real damage would run into big money to repair”. With any luck, we should be able to replace 3 or 4 small wires and be able to have the car up and running soon.



3 thoughts on “Needed – a New Home for My MG-B

  1. Clay – not sure if this will work for you – when we store the 635, we tend to put spearmint leaves under the hood, trunk and in the car. The animals up here do not like the spearmint and tend to stay-away. Really depends on how often you will be using the car. Best of luck!!!.

    • Thanks for the nice words of encouragement! BTW, the MG is rodent free and running like a top. I just took it to a car event will be writing a post about it soon.

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