My Cattle

Back around 2006 while down on a Thanksgiving visit, I was talking to “Rusty” (the brother-in-law of my friend who is reason I started coming to MS) about his cattle herd. If one owns more than 5 cattle it earns the designation of herd and Rusty and his sons and friends had around 8 or 9 head at that time. Rusty was saying that it would be more efficient to have at least a few more head of cattle as the time it takes to care for the number they had would improve with more cattle. When I heard that he would like to have three or four more and that each heifer was a little more than $1,000, I decided to buy 4 heifers. The good thing was that most of the heifers would be carrying a soon to be born calf.

Fast forward to this year and our arrival in town. My ‘herd’ (which is part of his) is up to 9. It had been up to 11, but the overall herd had become large enough that one bull was no longer up to the task and I sold 2 heifers to help buy another bull.

Here are two pictures, with the first being a momma and her calf.


And here are some more, I’m just not sure they are all mine.



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