Great news: the MG is road ready again!

The truth be told my success rate on electrical projects is only 50% so I have been reluctant to play with the Lucas (the prince of darkness) Electric system that is in the MG. That is because it is reverse polarity and I have enough trouble with regular polarity. As luck would have it, our friends are having their patio redone and the husband of the woman who is doing their patio is an electrical engineer who works at the Nissan plant in nearby Canton. He came over the other night to consult with me on the wiring project and confirmed that it appears to be a “5 minute” job.

Yesterday he was good enough to come back over with some of his tools and using the wiring diagram in the back of the MG B manual quickly had it done. Based on the fact the little devil that chewed the wires had nipped them off right at the connectors making it tricky to determine which of two wires was which, he thought he had read the diagram right but the test was in turning the ignition switch. The little girl turned right over and started to purr.

What a wonderful sound!


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