2015 in 2015?

Close to 10 years ago we bought 5 acres of land that abuts the Benton Country Club when we started to realize it might be nice to retire here. A couple of years later the pond that is on the land still available for sale was offered to us when the ‘development’ the original owner had in mind didn’t come to realization.

Now that we are here we started the process of getting water for the garden. To do so the first step is to get a ‘house’ number for 911 emergency purposes. As it turned out we had a choice of two numbers but I decided on 2015. Later I realized the possible irony of the number as at the rate things are going we may not move into the house we will need to build until 2015.

The garden picture in an earlier post is on our property however here are some additional views:

This first one is looking north where the golf club is past the tree line.


Here is one looking east from a hillside that might be a site for our front porch where a pond is at the bottom of the picture. We will be ‘clipping’ the field soon and then starting to mow down to the pond.


I have moved towards the pond for this picture.


Now we are pond side with our labs posing, however our black lab never shows up in pictures.



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