A Flag Day Story

As today is Flag Day, it is appropriate to share a conversation that I recently had with one of my sons.

Dan is a newly minted graduate of a very liberal college and starting out on his own. He has set up what I call a base of operations in Saratoga Springs, NY. I call it that as Dan has makes a form of jewelry that he sells at rock concerts and over the Internet. He is constantly on the road as a result of attending shows or mining the semi-precious stones he uses to make jewelry so he is almost a vagabond.

Saratoga Springs is a very interesting place with a long history dating back to George Washington, who I learned was as investor in real estate there until he decided to become our first president. It is a hot water (okay, more like a warm water) spa. It was and is a summer resort spot of New York City people and has a famous horse race track that still has a grandstand made of wood. Lastly, and most important to Dan is that it has a well known Performing Arts Center that during the summer attracts all types of music groups where he can sell his wares.

On our call he told me that Saratoga Springs has a Flag Day parade with a cheery sound in his voice. He asked if I knew of any other towns that did the same. While I said not that I knew of, we reminisced about how in Exeter, NH where he spent 17 years growing up the Cub and then Boy Scout pack and troop he was in celebrated the day with a flag retirement ceremony every year for the 9 plus years he was in the program. It made me proud of him to know that he loved his country enough to be aware of the importance of the day and what it stood for past, present and in the future.


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