Building Fences

About two weeks ago Rusty needed help on a project. We have enough cattle to need additional grazing area. He had arranged for it, but it needed extra fencing to hold cattle vs the horses that were on it. The last piece of fencing needed had to go across a ditch.

Since my arrival I had helped do some fencing on the pasture across from his house and so I had a bit of experience doing it. There is a great tool developed to cut wire, hammer, bend the wire ends when needed around wire and last but not least to pull and stretch the wire around posts while it is about to be attached to the post.

This job involved stringing wire across the ditch and then hanging a ‘stopper’ from the wire so that the cows can’t just walk on the bottom of the ditch under the wire. The picture has a bit to much glare on one side of it, but know that you know what you are looking at, hopefully you can see what I mean.


The ditch is about 20 feet across and 12 feet deep. A good mornings work.

Now the field is ready for cows.


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