Trail Ride BBQ

A short time ago Rusty and April invited my wife and I to a BBQ being held after a trail ride that friends of theirs were having on the edge of town. Seeing that I haven’t ridden in 9 years and it is more than 30 years for my wife (and a Brooklyn girl on a horse is quite a sight!), they didn’t really think it would be a good idea to have us do the trail ride this time. However, over the years I have helped Rusty at cookouts and we work well together.

Rusty and a number of his friends have all worked together cowboying (if that is a word), so what is known as western style was the order of the day.


As for the grill, Rusty has made more than 2 dozen ‘cookers’ and one he had sold to his friend who brought it to the event. Here is Rusty cooking and me taking a few minutes off to refill my ice tea.

20130623-165431.jpg. The cookers are made from old oil tanks and come in all kinds of sizes and styles. This one is larger than most and is a perfect party size.

There was some socializing before the cooking got going as we waited for people to return from taking their horses home before the meal.


Rusty cooked pork loins that had been sliced into one inch slabs as well as chicken, burgers and hot dogs (mostly for the kids but for the big kids, too). Naturally, all the other dishes and sides were brought by everyone else. This is when the food was on the table.


As it was a fairly hot day, notice the barn fans to help cool everyone off in this overview picture.


For better (rain is the friend to most of these farmers and ranchers) or worse (we all had to break down everything very quickly), an incoming storm shortened the event but a good time was had by all.


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