Time to Sell Some Cattle!

This calving season resulted in a higher than average amount of bull calves. They need to be sold or bad things happen out in the pasture after they are weaned. Then, there are normally a number of young cows to be sold based upon beef prices, the price of feed and/or hay and how much pasture land there is versus cattle. Different areas of the country can support different levels of cattle per acre. Here it is somewhere between 2 and 4 depending on rainfall. The net result is once the young’in’s get to a certain weight they are ready for sale.

Here is a picture of them coming to Rusty’s call –


When possible it is good to have the bull go into the pen first and this time we were lucky!


The object is to get all the cattle in to the pen and then to cull the ones you aren’t taking to market out of the pen. Again, we walk along the fence in a clockwise direction and let out the keepers.


The next day we used the chute to get those going to the sale barn onto the truck. We went to Jackson to sell them. Rusty was hoping to get $1.40 per pound but as it turns out a number of cows were sold two weeks ago so the law of supply and demand took so the prices were less.

However, I sold 3 bull calves and one cow for a decent pay day.


One thought on “Time to Sell Some Cattle!

  1. Hi Clay: When I worked on a ranch in Montana, the castrating time was a horrible process so I can imagine that is why you don’t have steers. Your blog brings back a lot of memories – I’m lovin’ the stories from your piece of heaven! Hug to Pat, Betsy.

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