Blues in the middle of Nowhere

One of my first posts was about a BBQ place nearby that was located near a site on the Mississippi Blues Trail. That got me thinking that it would be fun to hit as many of the sites on the trail as possible, hopefully in the MGB. So here is a post about the second site that is in nearby Bentonia.

One a recent evening that was hot, but cooling, and sunny we decided to take the MGB for a run to see a roadside marker that features a Blues Trail notable. I also thought there was another historical building down the same road, so it was going to be a twofer. All we had to do was drive down Rte 433 out of Benton, which is a classic tree lined 2 lane country road for a good stretch in between large farms and cattle pastures. Just before the town / hamlet of Bentonia on the right at a dirt road intersection is the roadside maker.


A style of blues became known as Bentonia Blues and this marker calls out one of the artists that lived in Bentonia and had a well known record (hey, records are making a comeback!). If you can’t make it out, the album is called, “It Must Have Been the Devil” by Jack Owens.



While it was fun going down the dirt road, we realized the other site was nearby but not on this road. Ah well, just another reason to go for a ride again soon.


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