The “Biggest” Cypress Tree in MS

Our friends Rusty and April’s younger son and his family were in town for the 4th and the next day April on the spur of the moment came up with a trip to see something that she had read about and thought sounded very interesting – the largest and oldest cypress tree in Mississippi. We got invited along when they realized that they needed to take two cars and why not fill them all the way up?

The tree is located in a National Park called Sky Lake. Here is a quick overview of the park –


It is depending on your point of view, either a swamp or a bayou. They have a boardwalk running I would guess a quarter mile out and then back from the main event. Here we are on the way out.


Some quick facts about the tree.


In the picture you can see that in the dry season you can walk right up to the tree. It is said that 5 men can stand on each others shoulders inside the opening of the tree. Since it is not the dry season quite yet, here I am in front of the tree. The strange looking upright cones coming out of the water are part of the root system and are thought to help the tree stay upright in the water.

20130706-210847.jpg. Now for a picture upwards of the now shortened tree.


Finally, a picture of a group of the trees which are formally known as bald cypress, so I call this a gang of baldies. The outside parts are now thought to act like buttresses of cathedrals to hold the trees up in the high water times of the season.


My one regret is that we didn’t see any snakes or gators slithering in the green muck as that would have been so fitting.


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