To Market, to Market (Farmers, that is)

With the cucumbers growing like crazy, it was time to start marketing them at the Benton Farmers Market.


Rusty had suggested that we also take the opportunity to sell what he calls canes but what is more commonly known as bamboo which grow wild right behind the house we are renting and will take over the yard if we let them. The poles can be used in gardens, to make simple fishing poles or for decorations.

Finally, April brought one of her paint horses so that her 7 year grandchild could sell rides to other children.


Her one and only customer was my wife, who has never been very fond of riding horses.


As Benton is now an unincorporated town of 800, not a lot of people show up so it was very quiet on this holiday weekend. However it was a lovely morning to sit in the shade with a cool breeze making us comfortable. I took the opportunity to meander over to the nearby historical marker with the grandchild to take a picture of the marker and have her practice her reading skills.



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