Could I Say No to Volunteering?

Since we own two pieces of land that have trees on them, my wife thought it would be a nice idea to go to a Yazoo County Forestry Association meeting to find out what services might be available to us to evaluate the timber potential on the properties and / or how we could maximize its value.

As the meeting started at 7 pm we had dinner before we went. As we walked in we could smell hamburgers being cooked and we turned and looked at each other and said together, “Meetings here always involve food!”. The other thing that happens here is that you always either know someone and have a common connection with someone with at least a quarter of the people or as many as half of the people. Even though we have only been here for 3 months, we quickly realized that due to our friend Rusty we could connect with a number of people.

The association had been somewhat dormant for a while, so the first order of business was to elect officers for the new year. Being first timers I felt we were safe in not volunteering, especially considering we only own 20+ acres and know very little about forestry. It worked for the first round of officers but then they stated they needed people for the board of directors and it really didn’t required very much time. Three people stepped up and they needed one more. My wife was looking at me with “doe eyes” and someone noticed it and before I knew what happened I am the newest board member.

Time to bone up on botany.


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