The “Bronze Goddess”?

We have a 2004 Ford Explorer with over 200,000 miles on it that my wife loves. Right before we moved down here it started to make a troublesome shimmy that made us wonder if it would make the entire 1,200 drive. Well it did, including the hills / mountains of western North Carolina.

In unpacking I found something I didn’t know we owned: a brass casting of what I think is a Hindu goddess. That got me thinking that our Explorer deserved a name and badge mounted on the grill – the “Bronze Goddess” or BG for short. I waited for my wife not to be around so I could get to work. Here is the result –


When April came by I showed it to her and she declared, “Well, now you are real Southerners”. I mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure what Pat’s reaction might be so it might not be on there long.

This morning I took it off.


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