The MGB and the PGA

While the big event in golf this past weekend was the British Open in Scotland, there is an event held in this country for the pro’s that don’t qualify for the Open and the ‘journey man’ golfers working their way up the ladder on the regular tour here. The event is held in Madison, MS and used to be sponsored by Viking, the company that makes stoves / ovens mainly for restaurants but which have become popular by regular folks. With the economy still struggling, Viking dropped the sponsorship and the event was in need of a new sponsor. The good news is that Sanderson Farms chicken company (think Perdue) took over and this was their first year as the sponsor.

We were able to obtain some tickets for the event and took advantage of a beautiful, if hot, summer day to watch the event in person. I thought it would be a good idea to drive the MG to the event which is 35 miles from Benton. Pat looked askance at me as that meant one hour down in a convertible sports car that really likes to motor at no more than 55 MPH. We found as many back roads as possible so we wouldn’t have to be on 65 MPH highways and would have as many trees as possible.

It was a lovely drive! However, I do need to find those seat backs that let air circulate as my back was soaking wet when we got there. We decided to eat before we got to the event and ate at Majestic Burger even though there was a Newk’s (Pat’s favorite fast food now a days) in the same block. Neither of us had a burger as we just had steak the night before but her chicken sandwich with avocado and my portobello sandwich were both delicious.

Due to the heat we changed our game plan for the event as walking along with a foursome was going to be just too hot. We were able to find some nice shade on the ninth hole about half way between the tee area and the green. That allowed us to see the golfers’ drives land near us and then see their shots to the green.


We had timed our arrival at the event so that the leaders would be making the turn from the front nine to the back nine so we would walking the back nine. While we didn’t walk the back we got to see the leaders come thru on the ninth. When a player wearing a shirt with the colors of the US flag, I realized it was Woody Austin. He was doing well at that time and as it turned out he won the event the next day. It was the first time he has won in 5 years and at age 49.

The drive home was as wonderful (and hot) as the drive down.

However all that sunshine wore us out!


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