The “Voice” of the South?

One thing I had been actively considering doing in retirement to keep busy was ‘voice over’ work such as audio books, radio ads, etc.. A curve ball was thrown at me when I had some major health problems involving my throat. While I am certainly on the mend, my throat is still not back to 100%. Consequently, I have not really been confident about my ability to do the voice over work until recently.

As it turns out, one of the adult daughters of my friend who is responsible for me being down here now has here own video production company. When Margaret heard that ‘Uncle’ Clay was interested in doing voice over work she mentioned she would like to hear an example of my work. Interestingly enough due the blues music that the Delta is famous for, there is a music studio in nearby Yazoo City.


They do ‘demo tape’ work for $25 per hour so I just need to decide what I should read to demo. Plus, I need to get my courage up to go get it done. I am almost ready! It helps that I already realize that in the beginning one has to volunteer ones services in order to build a resume. The other positive is that Margaret does her own narrations and would like a deeper voice than she can pull off to do those type of narrations.


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