A Big Spider Story

After running my labs down to the pond in my golf cart for their daily swim, I got quite a surprise when I looked up into the corner of the roof of the cart and saw the biggest spider that I have ever seen outside of a zoo. The legs are two toned with light brown segments then black and back to light brown. Even more unusual is the body which is white with what looks like a pirate skull outlined on it. While I was tempted to kill it, not knowing whether it was poisonous or not, I let it live. I was going to move it, but didn’t have a long enough stick to do the job. As it had apparently held on for the ride down, I drove back with it on.

It turns out to be a spider with a great name or two: the golden silk orbweaver or the banana spider.
The male is normal sized but the females grow to be 4 inches or more from ‘head’ to ‘toe’. Here is a link about them


I especially like the fact that they don’t jump at you and are a slow. They recommend a 6 foot long pole when trying to move them though, which makes one cautious about the fact that they are slow.

My picture of the big girl didn’t turn out so well as it was taken with my mobile phone. If it is still there today, I will try again.


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