A Full Body Exercise called Mowing the Lawn

The ‘lawn’ in question is on the 7 acres we will be building on eventually that is about a third trees, a third pond and the rest a field. Now that I have with the help of Rusty clipped the field down to a mowable height actually mowed it a couple of times with some adventures along the way, come to the realization that it is actually a good form of exercise. As the field is on some gently sloping terrain, maintaining one’s balance is important to the safety of the rider. In order to do this I have developed a technique borrowed from sailing of ‘hiking’ over the seat (basically having half of one’s butt sticking off the seat to either the right or the left) while using one hand on the ’tiller’ (in sailing the equivalent of a steering wheel) while on inclines.

It really does remind me of sailing as when casual or racing in a sailboat the boat is designed to be on a tilt or heel to make the best headway in the wind. Also like sailing, the need to cover the mowing area is like ‘tacking’ which is the same as making a turn in the sail boat where the sailor needs to switch which side of the boat one is on in order to ‘hike out’ (lean out of the boat making sure not to fall overboard).

Just like Gilligan, my sail is “a three hour tour” (okay,okay it does take another hour or two to mow the better part of three acres) which is where I get my exercise for the day.


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