Seining the Pond

Today two people (Bubba and Katrina) came from Mississippi State Extension Services to help determine what kind of fish are in our pond and to make recommendations on how to proceed based upon our goals for the pond. It has been a wonderful summer day so the fact that they wade right into the pond with the net ( a seine with a very tight weave vs the normal fish net) was probably very refreshing for them. Rusty and his wife April came over to observe, as did another neighbor. As it turns out, Rusty is related to Bubba so the banter was flying on family and other things while and after the seining was being done.

Bubba and Katrina worked a couple of areas close to shore that were no more than 3 to 3 and a half feet deep looking for small fish that larger fish can feed on called brim (also spelled bream, or blue gill in other parts of the country). Finally, as they were coming to the conclusion that there weren’t any, they found a small bass that would qualify as a minnow in the net. Bubba came over to me to let me know that means that there are only bass in the pond and the reason the bass don’t get over 8 inches long is that the bass are eating their young. Those that survive are crowded and don’t grow very large as a result.

The solution is to catch brim elsewhere or buy them and add them to the pond so the bass have something to eat. Bubba suggested starting with 20 for the remainder of the season. This will give the pond a good start next year.


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