Daisy’s (and My) First Dove

Daisy has been my bird hunting companion since we first got her five years ago when she was 11 months old. I have taught her myself as I have learned a fair amount in the 12 years I have been hunting and by being a member go the Granite State Retreivers Club when we lived in NH. She loves it when she sees me taking out a shotgun and preparing for a hunt. It is a wonderful experience just being out in the field with a dog and the bond that it creates even when nothing is harvested.

Dove season just opened and we have been out a few times in a relaxed way as where we are hunting do not have large flocks flying by just a dozen or so that are local to the place. Consequently, nothing happened until today (Tuesday the 10th).

The property we will be building on is 7 acres, about half of it open field. It is just hundreds of yards down the road from where we are renting until we build. It is simple to hop on Olive, my golf cart, and scoot down there which is what I did that morning with Daisy. Luck was with me as some dove were still feeding and I quickly harvested one. Daisy enjoyed retrieving it so much she really didn’t want to ‘release’ it into my hand. We worked together patiently until 10 minutes later she let it go.

Here she is looking very pleased with herself.



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