Maxwell, our black lab, RIP

We became a two dog family 13 years ago when we got a black lab puppy to “keep our yellow lab company”. The business my wife worked for at the time was a ‘dog friendly’ work place and she saw how well all the dogs got along and happy they were. Our lab at the time, Bromley (after the ski mountain in Vermont), would hang out at work and we would also dog sit for lab owners from time to time. After Brom’s passing, it was all that long before we got another yellow to keep Max company and to bird hunt with me.

Since moving down here, Max has been in heaven as on the property we will be building on is a pond which he used as his personal ‘hydrotherapy pool’ on what soon became daily visits for him and Daisy. As a result of the run down hill to the property and 4 to 5 dips in the pond per visit, he lost a good 10 pounds which eased his problems with his hips and even shrunk his benign tumor.

The other evening after his daily dip, as we were walking back from the pond on Old Highway 16, Max fell a little behind Daisy and I and when a car came very fast down the road Max took one step in the wrong direction at the wrong time and was side swiped by the car. I went to him and he was still alive. He wagged his tail at me and gave me a smile. I told him he was a good dog and stroked his head. Then he simply let go and was gone.

I buried him down by the pond the next morning. Here is what the view is from the site.


When Pat and I went down that evening, God set a beautiful scene for the visit.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You were a loyal and true friend.



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