Brits on the Bluff

While I have owned a MG-B for 3 years things kept me from joining a car club in NH while I was still working so I was determined to join one when we arrived in Mississippi. We had found one on line even before we got down here but with moving in, my pack rat problem and the heat of summer, I only just got around to signing up with the club, the English Motoring Club of Mississippi (

This past weekend we attended the first event of the club we just joined held in Natchez.


Of course the weekend called for 3 days of rain, which while desperately needed, would mean the convertible top would be up for much of the event.

We were fortunate that for the drive down and back the weather was nice as driving with the top up for three hours is not nearly as pleasant as with it down. We caravaned down on the Natchez Trace, which was great as my MG is very comfortable going 55 to 60 mph. The venue where the show was to be held, the Natchez Bluff Park, had to be changed as with all the rain that was expected would soften the grass so much in the park that all the cars tires would really muck up the park. Consequently, we held the show in the parking lot of the hotel where we stayed, which did have a view of the river. Here are two pictures of most of the 31 cars that came.



While MG’s are the biggest class of members; Austin Healey, Triumph, Lotus, Rolls Royce and McClaren to name a few are all represented as well. The club members were wonderfully welcoming to us and made sure we met everyone. Surprisingly, folks from New Orleans and Pensacola were there, too.


While on our drive back on The Great River Highway, Route 61 N, we stopped at a Blues Trail site I will cover that in my next post. To close, here is a picture of Pat with kudzu as the backdrop. If you look closely, you can see the river over her shoulder.



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