The ‘Black & White’

This should have been one of my original posts, as this happened back I’m May but I have yet to accomplish the second part of what this topic is about. So, this post is to be continued!

I realized that now that we were finally down here it would be a good idea to own an actual pair of cowboy boots seeing as that what cattlemen wear. Rusty suggested that we go to a local place in Yazoo City to try some on and then possibly go elsewhere to buy them. A general merchandise store called the Black & White carries a full range of brands and styles (wow, I got two great references or puns about cowboy lingo into one sentence!).

This shot was taken before normal business hours, but the Main Street is generally not very busy as happens all too often in small towns across America.

I decided to go with basic ranch style boots by Justin as I wanted to ‘earn’ my fancy boots! Plus, I decided to support the local business vs finding a less expensive place to buy them. It was my first major purchase down here. It came in handy as when we attended the trial ride BBQ in May, the owner was there and I didn’t have to feel embarrassed.

My intention was to have one more picture of me in the cowboy boots standing in front of a street sign up in the hills named ‘Green Acres’. Much to my chagrin, the street sign has disappeared!


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