Grass Over Seeding Cattle Farmer Style

Rusty started to explain to me how rye grass is used in the fall as it stays green in the winter.  I didn’t tell him that is the most popular grass used in the north for lawns.  He said that they over-seed existing grasses so the new tender green grass is available for the winter months.  What I thought was great is the spreader that is used.  It is a large ‘industrial’ model that is an attachment for a tractor.  It has a drive shaft that rotates the spreader as the bin holds five bags that are 50 pounds each.  Depending on how much seeding per acre is needed, it will cover at least 4 to 5 acres per bin.

I helped at all three pastures in making lifting the bags a two-man job; slicing the bags open and then when the bin is loaded adding clover deterrent on top of the seed.


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