Daisy Gets A New Pal

An ironic outcome of Pat’s joining the Benton Garden Club is that we now have a black lab puppy. One of women’s husband found a puppy abandoned on the road at the corner of their street and Old Highway 16 on the other side of town, which is still heavily trafficked by local cars and trucks. They tried to find the owner for a while but had given up hope on that and were now trying to find a home for the puppy. April’s sister, who is our neighbor and a Garden Club member was talking to the husband who found the puppy and mentioned we had just lost our older lab as the result of an accident on Old Highway 16 close to our house on the east side of town. Lo and behold, the next morning he stopped by to find out if we were interested in the pup. When I mentioned that I would be willing to look at the dog and see how our lab Daisy would react, he said that he would be back in a half hour with the pup.

Naturally the outcome was predictable. Here is picture of Daisy and the then unnamed dog sizing each other up.


As happens with black labs, it is hard to take photos of them, especially with the fall sunlight so this picture is cute but hard to really see of Lily, the name we finally came up with ( hmm, two dogs with the name of flowers).


What is sweet is that now Daisy has a playmate that can rough and tumble again. Max at age 13 had to be more careful in not overdoing it with Daisy, or to suffer the consequences. Daisy and Lily even share sleeping quarters on our deck.


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