Brits on the Bluff Update

This is a picture of the winner of the Chrome Bumper section of the club. My car is in the picture, too! Note that his first name is the same as mine! His car’s color is a gold vs my “lime flower green” (which is an original color marketed back in the Flower Power days of yore).


Then, if interested, in this PDF file is the recent newsletter from the EMC (English Motoring Club) with a story of the event and another picture of my B next to the winning B.


Volume 27 October 2013
“A gentleman does not motor about after dark” Joseph Lucas

Official Publication of the English Motoring Club of Mississippi On the web at

Weather, What Weather?

Natchez MS – Dire predictions of rain and lots of it did little to dampen that spirits of the British automobile enthusiast that arrived in Natchez MS for the seventeenth anniversary Brits on the Bluff that went on as scheduled on September 20 – 21, 2013. Four entrants into the show including the MGB of new EMC members Clay and Pat Ellis from Benton MS departed from the Clinton Welcome Center on the

MGB’s at Brits on the Bluff 2013 Photos Courtesy EMC (my technical prowess has been overcome by my inability to transpose the picture)

Natchez Trace early on Friday morning for the trip down. We were confident that the days gray skies wouldn’t drop their load on our parade and we in fact enjoyed a rain free day on the Trace. There was one close moment, non-weather related, when Steve Whitlow came upon the family of three deer that made a sudden decision that apparently the grass on the east side of the right-of-way was in fact greener. I’m not sure that Steve’s quick reaction was all that save he and Bambi from colliding. In total twelve EMC’ers made it unscathed for a great pre – show lunch at Uptown Grocery in Natchez. Read the rest at the website!




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