Slow Motion Cattle Farming

On Saturday I had a chance to help Rusty with winter feed needs for the cows.  He owns property that he has farmed on in the past but is now leased to another man to be part of his existing hunting properties but Rusty still has the haying or farming rights.  Rusty was going to take the tractor with a trailer to put and then pull hay on and I followed in his truck with another trailer for the same purpose.  Rusty warned me that the toughest part of the job was staying awake while driving 18 mph on a 55 mph state highway.

Driving that slowly let me take in much more of the farms and cattle operations along the way on the road I have been on dozens and dozens of times but at normal speeds.  The fields still some cotton on them but the soy beans, corn and millet have all been harvested.  The expanse of the land which is not even on the delta is impressive.

The drive is normally 20 minutes but took us almost an hour.  I was looking forward to a small nap but the task that Rusty was doing of using the tractor with a steel marlin spike (for you sailors out there) attachment to impale the hay bales and then lift and put them on the trailer beds.  It only took maybe 10 to 15 minutes so I had scarcely settled into a comfortable position when it was time for the slow return.


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