The ‘After’ Photos of the Pond

As I arrived at the pond this morning to take pictures a blue heron, which has been at the pond for quite a while, took off from the end I was at and flew to the other end. Later in the morning when I had just started seeding with rye grass when Eddie (who is doing the pond and landscape work) told me a story about ‘our’ heron. He started by saying that he had never seen anything quite like what happened before. The heron was at one end of the pond when a larger one circled overhead and landed at the other end of the pond. Our heron flew up and briefly landed by the newcomer, then took to the air and attacked the larger heron. They were both up in the air and over the water. Eddie fully expected our heron, who was the smaller of the two, to lose. Much to his surprise the larger heron flew off. Our heron, who must have been hurting, then walked the entire bank back to where he normally hangs out.

Now for pictures of the new pond.

From where the battle started.


From where the battle ended.


And, the home of the minks.


One last thing about the herons, we checked the bank of the pond which being muddy had clear signs of the two birds positions before taking to the air. It was all there! Even Rusty was impressed with the story.


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