“There Are Coal Mines in Mississippi?”

That line is what almost to a person is what is said when they were told that Pat (I was supposed to go but had to stay home) was going on a tour of coal mine this past weekend with a church group.  The mine is over in Ackerman.  The event was made possible as the adult daughter of my friend who is responsible for us being down here works for the coal company in the environmental reclamation department.  She is rightfully proud of the industry she works in as the coal industry has come a long way in the last 40 to 50 years of being stewards of the land.

If you saw my recent posts about the back hoe work being done on our pond with an industrial sized Catepillar machine, it has nothing on the size of the machines used in a coal mine.  Here is a picture of April with her grandchildren with one of the machines.



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