Clay Eats Crow, Literally

Recently I went out to do some late fall season turkey hunting but with crow season just opening I was ready for them, too.  Plus, I was checking on my trail camera for deer pictures so I had a full agenda.  As I was mainly checking on the camera I was simply hoping to ‘bump’ a turkey as I walked to the camera.  I was in camo to better my chances and tried to walk to sides of the trail to stay in the shade.  I could hear crows all around me so I stayed alert to opportunities that might arise.  The other bird that is constantly in the air is the turkey vulture whose job is to go eat carrion which abounds in nature and road kill.

It is about ½ mile in to the area where the camera is, mostly uphill.  As a 12 gauge shotgun weighs about 8 or more pounds, I joke that hunting is normally a walk in the woods with ‘heavy hands’ ( what hand weights frequently are called).  I did see a doe on the way to the camera but no turkeys.  That meant a very low chance of seeing turkeys on the way back so I looked more to the sky for shooting opportunities.  On the final leg back to my car was a relatively steep road down.  I sensed that being in the shade would increase my chances and one crow flew in front of me but I didn’t have a good shot opportunity so I passed.  Then four came after the first, and I focused on the first one.  I led him by two feet with my gun and he dropped out of the air.  I recovered him and went on my way home.

I have looked into what do you do with a crow in the past and found an interesting website called  It talks about the fun of hunting and eating crow.  So, being an ethical hunter I decided to eat what I harvested.  Turns out the only thing to really eat is the breast meat and it is fairly easy to take from the bird.  I asked Rusty if he would like to join me for lunch but he came up with a hasty excuse as to not being able to join me.  I settled on a simple country fried crow recipe.  While it said that some people brine the meat, I decided to go ‘au natural’.  However I did decide to use the extra egg batter to make scrambled eggs to go with the crow.  Turns out that crow has a  taste similar to liver.  I like liver so it was okay.  I must admit that the scrambled eggs made it more palatable.


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