The Pyromaniacs Season

Coming from the northeast and remembering that once upon a time you could burn leaves, etc. when you wanted to, I have come to realize down here is like “the good old days”.  Up in NY and NH you were lucky if your town would let you burn anything at all and if they did it took a permit and having a fire inspector come and look at the area and items you wanted to burn.  At least in Benton, you burn anything and any time you want.  Reasonable people will take the wind into account and how dry the ground is, but ‘burn, baby, burn’ is the phrase of the day.

I got into the swing of things while cleaning up pecan limb and leaf debris.  I realized I could take it from my back yard down to our land and put it on a burn pile there.  Then as I was driving out of the yard I saw other limb and leaf piles elsewhere and came back once or twice to include it.  Once I used dryer lint as my fire starter, the fire got roaring and I realized there was more to burn on the road into our land that had been cut back but left to dry.  It wasn’t a huge fire like that of the land clearing done by the pond, but it was a nice size to practice on.

Here is my next project – 



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