A Murder in Benton!

This past Wednesday a member of  a well-known family in the area went missing after receiving a call for ‘wrecker’ service from someone in Benton.  While I was lunch with Rusty and a friend of his at our only restaurant in town on Thursday, the talk of the place was about Ricky Sexton’s disappearance.  As we left the restaurant a helicopter was flying overhead, which doesn’t happen very often in our town.  By later that afternoon as I was running an errand and entered a local store the news had broken that they had found the body of Ricky and that he had been shot.  The locals even knew where the truck that belonged to Ricky had been found, which is near someone’s mobile home on the other side of the Benton Country Club that we live on.  Everyone had a theory of what had happened; from him repo’ing a car, to being killed because of the large amount of cash he was known to carry and other facts not confirmed yet publicly.

Rusty told me that while some of the Saxton’s were not particularly popular that Ricky was the nicest of the family and that it was a true shame that what ever he was doing out on that call resulted in his death.

As of this writing, the police still have not arrested anybody but they have very strong leads on the person related to the woman who called up for ‘wrecker’ service.


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