English Motoring Club Tech Session Event

One of the reasons I joined the EMC was I am not mechanically proficient and I really liked the idea of having fellow British car owners that know what they are doing to ask questions and get ideas for fixing or improving my car.  That is why Pat and I went to the recent event held right outside of northern Jackson.  In preparing to go I tried to install a replacement shoulder harness seat belt, only to encounter a situation on taking out the old belt. Then I realized that with winter upon us it would be a good idea to address the roll up windows as in colder weather it is warmer to drive with them up but they don’t go up and down easily.  I also had recently taken advantage of being able to buy 3M as a retiree and saw and bought a foaming engine cleaner.  However, I realized that it might be a good idea to get advice about if and how to use it from those in the know before creating a big problem unnecessarily.

But the really big reason to go and get advice is when I went to put something in the trunk it wouldn’t open.  I tried various things and then asked Pat to try as she sometimes finesses things better than me. A slight digression; a British murder mystery I read a long time ago had the protagonist provide me with a motto that I work hard at not demonstrating in my life – BFBI, or ‘brute force and bloody ignorance’.

They helped with all my situations and my truck made the recent newsletter – 

“Two problems occurred with autos in route to Tech Session III. First up was a call received from Tommy and Kathy Hart. They made it as far as Hollandale before their MGB was affected by a flat tire. They made it to Greenville, repaired the tire and made it back to the gathering in time for festivities. They are cruising in style and comfort following the installation of an overdrive installed by John Twist a month or so back. The second call came from Barbara Cashman. Pat and John had run into fuel feed issues in route in their Jaguar. Mike Glore and Keith Anderson mounted a recovery effort but in the end the Jag required a trailer recovery. On a more successful note we were able to un-stick the trunk lid on Clay and Pat Ellis’s MGB. Although most attendees, myself included felt like a nap, sufficient energy was garnered to assist with performing the initial brake bleeding on my long term project the GT. Thanks to all that gathered for lunch and everyone that assisted in moving the GT a little closer to returning to the highway.”



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