What do you do with a dead armadillo in the road?

Living on what used to be the state road through Benton, which is now the ‘old’ highway and consequently much less travelled, there is still road kill that happens right outside of our driveway.  An animal that I used to only associate with the West i.e. west of the Mississippi, the armadillo, has over the decades of coming down here become a regular part of wildlife.  It is a reptile looking animal that is actually a mammal.  http://armadillo-online.org/armadillos.html

When yet another armadillo bit the dust recently and while driving around with Rusty I asked the question above.  To which he replied, “They make (cowboy) boots out armadillo skins.  I had a pair once, but the skins tear too easily”.

What probably does happen to them is what happens to most road kill; the buzzards get ’em.  I have found it fascinating how many buzzards are circling in the sky at any one time looking for their next meal.


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