A “Gut Start”

At the end of a day of helping to move hay with Rusty, he had one more task to do involving “a diamond in the rough”.  The ‘diamond’ turned out to be a used tractor he had his eye on to help out by being able to be left in Benton so that his new tractor could be left at another site during a project.  A common site down here is seeing a tractor driving down the highway with  its blinkers on while driving no more than 35 mph, which is about the top speed of most tractors.  The result is the moving of tractors takes a fair amount of time when doing tasks.

The tractor hadn’t been used in a while so it needed to be jump started.  Instead of a normal jump start, where you connect the batteries, Rusty showed us a ‘gut start’ where the positive lead is connected to the guts of the tractor which provided more juice where it is needed to turn the engine over.




Seeing that it was a beautiful fall day, while waiting for the juice to build for the gut stat, I took this photo of Rusty in the cab of the ‘diamond in the rough’.



The next day once the tractor was ready to be put to work, it went well enough he put a bid in for the tractor and was very pleased when it was accepted.

Now, I am waiting to get lessons on driving a tractor!


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