A 39th Anniversary Dinner

Last week I relearned that the wife of my friend who is responsible for us being down here now 39 years after coming down here for his wedding has two sisters that also got married that same year.  It is the youngest sister, April, whose husband, Rusty, has also become a good friend of mine.  When we heard that there wedding anniversary was coming up, we asked them out to dinner.  We went to the Two Rivers Steak and Seafood which also owns a lunch place right behind the restaurant called the Culinary Cowboy.  As we all love the Culinary Cowboy, it was time to try Two Rivers.  My wife and I tried it out ourselves to make sure it would be a good place to take our friends and had a wonderful experience.

I did do a post for Two Rivers as a link but realized it would be hard to do text (I think) so check out the post for the restaurant to find out more info about it.

What was memorable, besides the food, were the stories of their wedding and honeymoon.   Both April and Rusty were just out of their teens when they got married.  Their honeymoon was going to be in Florida but a honeymoon was just landing in Florida as they got married so a slight change in plans was necessary.  However, when they went to get into their car to start the trip their friends had poured molasses all over the car doors so it was impossible to get into the car with out getting goo everywhere.  Fortunately the first place they pulled into to spend a night the owner had Rusty pull his car around by the kitchen and they were able to get very hot water used to wash down the outside of the car and Rusty’s suit.  

Then, to their surprise upon checking out after having brunch the next day, Rusty discovered a friend of his had followed them in his own car and had paid for their room and meals.

They then decided not to go to Florida and just went sight seeing in their own state to start their new lives together.

It was a lovely dinner and great memories.


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