Pecan Eating Pooches

When I first witnessed it I couldn’t believe until I saw it repeated a number of times.  There is a pecan tree in our backyard that starting in October was letting go of its ‘fruit’. Our yellow lab would lean over pick something up, crack it with her teeth and normally then lay down to finish off the job that ended with her spitting out the outer shell of a pecan. Then, with the arrival of Lily the black lab puppy, it wasn’t long before she was duplicating what her mentor was doing.

I surmised that Daisy saw squirrels doing it and realized the nuts must be edible.  She is a smart puppy and will eat most anything and gave it a try and liked it.

I realized that I needed to get to work picking them up as the dogs are fenced in where the tree is located and there were not going to be any for us.  They have a nice tool that looks like it is related to a pooper scooper that is used to pick up just the nuts off the ground and to leave most shells behind.


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