Benton’s Connection to MLK Day

In an interesting coincidence, as I was researching what you are about to read a police siren started to wail in front of our house that is on Old Highway 16 as a parade started headed towards the subject of the connection!  I went outside as the band played with the ‘twirlers’ in front.  They stopped and did a routine of high kicking and proceeded on. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture.  A small crowd followed the parade, with two men riding their horses and carrying young ones with them.  Lastly, were a caravan of cars.

Here is what was being celebrated:

In front of Oak Grove A.M.E. Church, Hwy 16 East beyond Benton, Mississippi

In June 1966 a march for voting rights, en route from Yazoo City to Jackson, camped here while passing through Benton.  The marchers, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were provided food and water by members of the Oak Grove A.M.E. Church and by members of the Woods family, who owned property next to the church.


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