Mississippi Mistletoe

I’ve been meaning to write about the mistletoe here for awhile but either the pictures didn’t turn out well or a camera wasn’t available at the time I saw a prime example of it up in the trees.  Finally, I realized there was a great tree right down the street from us that when I finally noticed it I had my ‘aha’ moment.



I surprised to learn that mistletoe thrived down here as I always associated it with temperate climates and Europe.  For those of you who took Latin in high school, Julius Caesar wrote about it and the Druids when he invaded Gaul (what is now France).  

Rusty had mentioned his experiences in harvesting mistletoe from trees that involved shooting limbs vs climbing the trees but until the leaves fell I didn’t realize how extensive mistletoe is all around here.  Here is a link about it being a pest as it is parasitic to the host tree.



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