Calving Season Begins!

Within the past week two calves have been ‘dropped’ by their new moms!  They are part of Rusty’s cows and since all of them are new to having calves they are at a separate pasture that makes it easier to find them as it is much more open than where the majority of the herd is kept on 350 acres.

No pictures are available yet as the new mommas are a little edgy and it is hard to get up close.  The new papa looks very protective as well.

There are two schools of thought as to when to have calves: Many go with the calving happening in September so that they can be ready for market by early spring.  That also allows them to fatten up a bit before winter sets in.  The other is to have the calves come in the Jan / Feb time frame so that they can be ready to go to market by late spring or early summer.  Rusty is one of those who likes the second timeframe as the chances of losing a calf due to weather is less and the feeding costs are less.

My cows are all experienced moms and are located over in the larger herd so should be dropping theirs sometime in February.


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