More Calves Arrive

When Rusty and I went over to check on his cows at Breakwater, which is where the new momma’s are kept, and to put feed out for them last Friday we saw a new calf that was less than two hours old as he was still wet with the afterbirth and had his cord still attached .  He is slightly unusual as he has a white face.  This is known as a pie face.



The other calf is one born earlier that week.  It turns out that all the calves at Breakwater are males, which is a good thing as they bring more at market.

Then, just today, Rusty informed me that over at ‘deer camp’ which is where the bulk of the herd is kept, that one more new calf has just arrived.  He hasn’t been able to determine the mother as you can’t get close enough to her to read the tag that it is on her ear.


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