My First Calf of the Season

This is my first year of being down here during calving season and one of my cows just had the first calf for my ‘herd’. Rusty said that for a Charolais to have an all black calf is fairly rare but that is what my bull calf is. Naturally, the bull is black, as he is an Angus / Charolais mix. As you will see in the picture, it is as hard to take a picture of a black calf as it is a black lab puppy. That is momma right behind him.


My ‘herd’ is down to 4 cows, but if all goes well it will be up to 7 by the end of calving season. My high for the herd was 11, but water and feed prices (and needing to sell 2 cows so we could buy another bull, which is half mine) as well as one dying of old age resulted in my going back to where I started at. But that is what happens to cattle farmers.


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