An Actual Winter Time Rut

One of the seasonal things that comes with winter down here is the water run offs affect on paths and trails and local roads.  In all cases it creates ruts, on the local roads mainly down what would be the gutters on the sides, but on paths and trails it is often times right down the middle.  At the land where my cattle are, which is Rusty’s family’s original farm land, it is still hill country.  The trails which the cows go up and down can be pretty steep so the run off cuts deeply into the clay soil.  Here are two pictures of what it looks like now.

Clay bridging gully w smile Clay bridging gully w stick


After the first picture I realized to show the depth of the rut a stick would give better perspective.

There ruts are ‘fixed’ by grading the paths which over time lowers the trails (and roads).  Notice behind my right shoulder (stage left) the bank which shows where actual ground level is close to 4 or 5 feet above where my feet are.



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