Our First Tornado Warning, Up Close and Personal

Yesterday when we were returning from Jackson earlier than we had wanted to due to the threat of a major weather front coming into our area.  Coincidentally, it was just a day a day after the four-year anniversary of the tornado that hit Yazoo City which did a lot of damage.  We had just started over the Ross Barnett Reservoir, roadway that runs barely over the water level for about 3 miles, when a text alert came in on my phone to take precautions from a tornado that was fast approaching.


We tried pulling into the Turcotte Shooting Center to take cover, but it wasn’t open so we continued onwards.  As we started to approach a stretch that would take us into Canton, where our friend April had called to tell us that the tornado was headed, the skies were very dark.  We decided to turn around and go back to a road that we could go south on to head towards lighter skies.  We were simply taking is huge U-turn to get under the storm so that we could get back to Benton.

It worked, as the skies stayed lighter as the fast-moving storm headed north-east.

Once we got home and the rain started in earnest, the second alert came in about the next wave of the storm.  Fortunately, we never had to take cover.

The tornadoes hit where we had been earlier that morning in Richland, then close to where we had been that afternoon and on our way home so we counted our blessings for our good fortune.


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