Cruisin’ the Grand, and more

Last weekend was an event in Yazoo City that honors a favored ‘son’, Jerry Clower a comedian that focused on all things Southern who haled from Yazoo City.


This year they expanded the festivities to include Friday night.  To start things off was  ‘cruising the Grand’ which involved classic and antique cars going up and down Grand Avenue, just like back in high school days when everyone did to check out and be checked out on summer nights.  It was a great way to get out in the MG B with Patty at my side.

Then the next day I decided at the last minute to join the classic and antique car event (as the MG is both).  They closed down Main Street for vendors, the cars and a stage for the musical acts that went on all day.  I pulled out my ‘going to town’ summer hat which is a Panama hat.


The man I am talking to owns 20 MG’s in various states of repair!

photo photo


We were located right next to music which was both good news and bad news as the music seemed to get louder as the day went on.

There were various awards for car categories as they had the best turn out ever of cars.  From classic T-birds, Chevy and Ford cars and trucks to the sports cars for both road and track. The owner of a McClaren came from Louisiana who I had met before in Natchez at another car event.  The closest I came to winning an award was the owner of an original Ford Ranger pickup was right next to me.


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