Pat Gets Bees in Mississippi

Pat had bees when we lived in NH but realized it didn’t make sense to try and move them with us last year.  With the move and every thing else going on last year she decided to wait until now to start up again.  A spot was picked out on our property where we will be building and I helped create a base for the hives.  Yesterday she arranged to pick them up locally and now they are happily situated in their new site.



Now, we just sit back to wait to harvest some honey.


3 thoughts on “Pat Gets Bees in Mississippi

    • When Pat started doing it in NH, our apple trees which had done a lack luster job at best of producing fruit, exploded with apples.

      If Pat can do it, any one can. LOL

      It did take us 3 years before we had honey, at which point we had sold the house. But the person we gave the hives to gave us some of the honey.

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