Bentonia Blues Festival 2014

This festival was started in 1972 to highlight the importance of Mississippi and the birth of the blues.  We had planned to go last year but on the big day the heat and humidity intimidated us from going after doing other chores in the heat and humidity that morning.  But now that we are acclimatized, we went this year.


It turns out that last year it wasn’t held at the Blue Front Cafe (i did a post about this place last year) but had returned to the Cafe this year.  The BFC is a little (and I do mean little) shack that is remarkably dark inside where many famous blues people come from and or make a pilgrimage to visit and play in when in the Jackson area.  It was so dark inside I didn’t think a photo would come out well, so here I am outside of it.


We went in the mid-afternoon time frame, between thunderstorms, to check it out.  The town of Bentonia is a very small town centered around the train station and two trains came by while we were there competing with the music.  There were hundreds of people sitting in lawn chairs in what ever shade was available or under lawn awnings supplied by local businesses or their own.  There were food vendors, many of which looked like the only day they actually operate in that day serving home cooked BBQ and other goodies.

As the skies turned ominous again, we bought our food for take out just in time as the rain started even before we reached home.


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