A Turtle Retriever?

Early this year our older lab found a turtle down at the pond, which had its shell cracked open and proudly brought it to me to show me what she had retrieved.  After making her give it to me, which is when I determined it had been dead for a just a little time, I threw it into the pond so she couldn’t retrieve it again.  Little did I know that she had come up with a new hobby.

Now every time we go to the pond she hunts diligently for turtles.  She tries to crack open their shells but to the best of my knowledge has been successful.  However, just the other night my wife was sure that she had done it.  We saw Daisy carrying the turtle towards us then lay down to chew on it.  A cracking sound was heard as my wife walked towards her to take the following picture.


It is the bottom of the shell you see in this picture and it is intact.

After she had taken the picture, I walked over to see if she was correct.  When I picked up the turtle, a box turtle, it was possible to see the head and front feet of the turtle inside the shell, which for box turtles doesn’t close all the way it does for other types of turtles.  I did see a chip out of the shell by the hind legs but the shell was whole otherwise.

To keep the dogs from bothering the turtle anymore, I put it in the water on the bank of the pond.  Then we took the dogs home. Later that evening I returned to see if the turtle was still there and am happy to report that he took off.


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