Time to Harvest Rabbits and then a Chicken Story

A little while ago my wife took over the responsibility for our neighbors rabbits that are being raised for food.  She has subsequently help the male breed the two females successfully and then fed the whole crew until they are now ready to be harvested.  Our friend Hugh Leigh was going to supervise her in the process until I came up with the idea while talking to another neighbor’s son about his help in the process.  The young man is an avid hunter and knows how to process various animals for consumption.  He said that he was willing if we would part with a rabbit or two for his families dinners.

I told Hugh Leigh that I had recruited James’ help but HL said he would like to be around for the event.  This turned out to be good as James did say he was out of practice involving rabbits as it has been a year or two since doing rabbits.  I remembered that I had a small kitchen cleaver that could be used in place of HL’s rusty old machete, which my younger son had told me doesn’t cut very well as he remembered while watching HL do the duty a couple of years ago.

As we started I helped by holding the rabbit still but when HL arrived with his 10 year old grandson I stepped aside to let the grandson in on the fun.

Pat came over for a brief period to time but quickly exited with a note of thanks to me for taking over for her for this bit of rabbit harvesting.  While James and the boy were busy processing rabbits, Hugh Leigh told us for his boyhood and processing of chickens.  His grandmother would process chickens every Monday for the week and it was one of his jobs to help.  There was a special wooden block in the yard used for the job.  Most times the chickens were dropped into a large bin but occasionally one would miss the bin and end up running around for a while.

I decided that HL’s grandson deserved a rabbit or two for his efforts and after I had soaked the rabbits in cold water with a cup of vinegar added overnight I dropped off the rabbits for them.  They fried up both that night, along with mushrooms, and the rabbits feed not only HL but his son’s family, too.



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