First Steps on the Robert Trent Jones Trail

This past week Pat & I went over to Alabama to play golf in Muscle Shoals on our first course designed by Robert Trent Jones (RTJ) of a series of course strung across, up and down in the state. In all there are 11 locations and 26 different sets of courses as each location can have as many as 3 courses.  Muscle Shoals is up in the northwestern corner of the state (somehow I think of shoals being down by an ocean so it was a surprise to be almost on the TN border).  The other claim to fame for Muscle Shoals is its association with music as it has a famous recording studio.

After playing golf with my wife for 32 years, it began before we were married, I only just discovered that playing our own version of a ‘best ball’ round makes when just the two of us are playing much more enjoyable as our combined talents get us playing much closer to par then when we play regular stroke play. Thus, we feel like real golfers that shoot in the 80’s and even the 70’s instead of our typically in the 90’s for a round.

Alabama has realized that this way to experience golf that is open the the public (versus private courses that are hard to get on and much more expensive) is great for tourism.  The courses are beautifully situated and maintained and all in all are very good values for the typical “duffer”

One venue and two courses down and we are on our way!

We did stop in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, which was very interesting and recommended if you are in the area.


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