Clay’s First Cowboy Hat in 58 plus years

Recently I decided that now that I have been down here over a year that it was time to get a cowboy hat at least for the summer time.  The last one I remember owning was part of a Roy Rodgers cowboy ‘kit’ when I was a very young boy.  As it turns out the Yazoo City Chamber of Commerce had just started encouraging merchants to stay open on Thursday nights to entice people to shop after work / supper (or even have supper in town, too).  I went to the Black & White general merchandise store and found a hat in my size, 7 & 5/8’s, of which there aren’t too many and for the right price and bought it.  The hat I have been using is actually an Australian sailing hat made of canvas which I have been wearing for more than 15 years but it is hot in the summer when you aren’t actually sailing and can wet it down.  It is the one in my picture in the corner.

Here I am after a quick dove hunt the other morning in my ‘get up’.  One of people I sent the picture to provided me with this information about the look: “This look is called West River or High Plains ( West of the Missouri River) which is standard dress in the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming. The cowboy hat is great.”

Cowboy Hat Gun Up


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